Bbeau L-Glutathione supplement

Bbeau L-Glutathione supplement

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SATIN SKINZ BBEAU L-GLUTATHIONE: is the only health food produced 100% from PURE MASTER L-GLUTATHIONE sourced without the addition of other foreign ingredients. The main benefit of this product is to give the skin a white glow while keeping the health of the consumer. The combination of taking SATIN SKINZ BBEAU VITAMIN C product will give you maximum result.

2) SATIN SKINZ BBEAU VITAMIN C PLUS: is a high-quality Vitamin c health food that can provide 1001 nutritional benefits to skin health and beauty. The combination of Vitamin E and Vitamin C in this product can reduce the adverse effects of ultraviolet radiation from sunlight. In addition, this product can treat acne, acne and slow aging process.

  1. Pure L-Glutathione (500mg)
  2. Vitamin C (300mg)
  3. Vitamin E (300mg)
  4. HA (100mg)


In each Bbeau capsule (pink & orange bottle) they increases the level of Glutathione in the body that effectively results in skin lightening, anti-aging, and healthy immune system.


B’beau L-Glutathione (MAL16045008NC) – 30 Capsules

B’beau Vitamin C Plus (MAL16075007NC) – 60 Capsules

 How to use:

L-GLUTATHIONE 1 Tab per day

VITAMIN C PLUS 2 Tabs per day

Preferably before breakfast or before bedtime.


*Results may vary depending on the individual.* DO NOT PURCHASE IF YOU REACT TO SUPPLEMENTS